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Due to problems in your married life

Lack of time in married life :- There is a lot of expectations on a husband or a wife in a married life. There is a perception here that he can not give time to each other due to his busy work, this is the reason that there is a lot of misconception in his mind.

Can not understand each other :- It is very important to understand each other in married life. If a husband or wife does not understand each other then they have to suffer the loss of losing one another. Married life depends on each other’s thinking all the time, if they do not think of each other, then how can they marry their marriage Will be able to move forward

Contribution to one another :- Relationship is such a concept in which every kind of work is done whether it is love or contribution but if it does not contribute to the relationship for some reason then the relationship does not last long, it gradually starts moving away from each other. By taking advantage of something else, another person comes in his life

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